. Admissions Guide; Services. The main objective of the scholarship program at Anhui is to attract the extremely talented and meritorious international students to pursue their higher studies at Anhui Medical University. All these steps are taken to ensure that every international student can feel the harmony and friendliness of the school. Please come here with X visa for registration during the workday within the fixed time.If you can't come for any special reasons,you must ask for extension of time from the university within two weeks. It takes about 40 minutes and about 80 yuan (RMB) from the airport to the university. In June, 1996, approved by the National Committee on Education, Anhui Medical College was renamed Anhui Medical University. Passport, Entry Visa and Residence Permit Visa. In case of any special circumstance, under which the student is unable to arrive at the University on time, he/she shall ask for a leave in advance to the Admissions Office of the School of International Education of Anhui Medical University, and the duration of the leave MUST be less than 7 days ((a period of 7 days extended from the latest date for registration prescribed on the Admission Letter). Chair Professor in Medicine. Those who have not asked for a leave and those who fail to get the approval of a leave MUST return for the registration procedures within two weeks ((a period of 14 days extended from the commencement of the courses in the new semester), otherwise they will be subject to the cancellation of their status as students of Anhui Medical University. Anhui Medical University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Student who apply study for degree program in China , When you come to China , you must apply for an entry X visa ( study visa),must get residence permits visa within 30 days upon your arrival of in China after registered in Anhui Medical University.Otherwise it is illegal to stay in China Currently Anhui Medical University China located in Anhui province is a renowned University in medical field.